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Life Celebration® Traditional Funeral Services

Our lives are made up of moments that become memories. Our family and friends inspire us to live every day to the fullest. When the time comes to remember our loved ones, we have a duty to honor and celebrate their life, remembering all of the wonderful moments and people that made their life meaningful. At Grayson Funeral Homes, we do not focus on the end but instead the entire path of life; that is something to celebrate!

Through photographs and personal memorabilia, we create one-of-a-kind memorial services transforming traditional funerals into remarkable experiences. We have made a commitment to provide Charlestown, New Washington and the surrounding communities with these services.

Our Life Celebration® Home...

Heals. We are focused on placing you on a healing path. We will thoughtfully listen to you, encouraging you to share and talk about your loved one. Throughout our time with you and your family, we will be a guiding hand helping you make the right choices. We also have healing tools such as our family guide that will help you begin to walk back down the path of your loved one’s life. Working together, we will co-create a unique and memorable experience that will help you reminisce and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Comforts. You will feel the warmth from our staff as soon as you walk through our doors. We are here to serve you and help you through this very difficult time. We are a family-owned business and you will see the care and comfort of families is at the forefront of what we do. We provide a relaxed environment and our facility is beautifully decorated and welcoming.

Remembers. Our focus is on providing you and your family, friends, and guests a healing and personalized experience. We create an atmosphere that encourages sharing memories, telling stories, and celebrating the life that was lived. Remembering the good times and walking back down the path of your loved one’s life will help you heal. Let us help you remember.

Life Celebration® Cremation Services

When choosing a cremation, Grayson Funeral Homes are here to offer you a meaningful and personalized ceremony. Our cremation options will help provide a unique tribute to honor and celebrate your loved one. Our close-knit team of specialists will guide you and your family to choose the best affordable option based on your needs and desires. No matter your choice, we can offer you a space to join with family and friends in grief, comfort and love.

Cremation Education Guide

Download the Grayson Cremation Education Guide

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Traditional Funeral Followed by Cremation

Everyone in life is trying to capture time. You must provide that time to people who lost the one they love.
Cremation is a very popular choice when it comes to an “end of life experience” however, most individuals do not realize that in order to begin a new healthy walk down the path of their own lives, they must begin to grieve and heal in a sharing environment with family and friends.

Simply put, cremation is a mode of disposition just as if one were to choose a traditional funeral. This is a very personal and important decision for everyone to make but what is crucial is for the ones left behind to discover the ways in which they can grieve through the company you keep while in a Life Celebration® Home.

The truth is, you cannot press the pause button on grief. Most often, people who choose cremation sometimes
unknowingly do not allow themselves enough time to grieve properly and realize their own psychological needs. You, your family, and believe it or not, your loved one’s co-workers (the people who have spent 80% of their lives with the one you love), all deserve an opportunity to grieve and heal. Having your loved one present for a funeral service followed by cremation is a bona fide path to healing that ministers to the needs of everyone throughout the experience. A Life Celebration® Home has the ultimate responsibility to provide a nurturing path of healing for everyone.

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The Life Celebration® Memorial Cremation

Although having the one you love present during a Life Celebration® Service is recognized as being very powerful in the grieving and healing process, a Life Celebration® Home’s healing guidance provides alternatives for families that choose cremation.

This is accomplished through staging an educational, entertaining, and escapist environment that communicates the life of the one you love. This includes the people, the passions, the hobbies and the spirituality that encompass a life.

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The Life Celebration® Direct Cremation

Some families may choose to have a direct cremation and at our funeral home we respect every choice a family
makes. Even the simplest services can offer powerful methods of honoring and sharing. Our goal at Grayson Funeral Homes is to honor the family’s wishes while still providing a path for them to grieve and heal to
continue the path of their own lives.

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